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We firmly believe that the joy of crafting sensational, authentically flavored stone-baked pizzas should be accessible to everyone within the comfort of their Spanish homes…

Our journey, rooted in profound expertise concerning pizza ovens, began in the UK and has since extended its reach to Spain, carrying forth the same foundational principles and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional products and services. Through our collection of Clementi pizza ovens, we make it attainable for all to possess their very own premium-grade oven.

The added magic? These ovens flawlessly conjure up delectable pizzas within mere minutes. The result is an exquisite blend of true Italian essence, from the authentic flavors to the perfectly crisp pizza base – a hallmark unique to dedicated, specialized pizza ovens. Furthermore, when you make the right choice of oven, your culinary spectrum widens, encompassing not just pizza but also succulent roast dinners, heavenly stone-baked bread, and an array of culinary delights.

Within our offerings, you’ll discover an extensive array of pizza ovens, accompanying accessories, and bespoke bundles – catering to both novices embarking on their stone-baked pizza journey and seasoned enthusiasts ready to embrace a more sophisticated oven experience.

Get advice from the experts …

Expert, impartial pizza oven knowledge is just a phone call away. For help choosing a pizza oven, please call us on +34633249983 or email sales@asierl121.sg-host.com.

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We never sell a pizza oven unless we have fully tested it. We believe that you should be able to recreate the same quality of pizza that you can get at an Italian restaurant. In short, if we sell it, you have our assurance that it will do a great job for you. At last, you and your family and friends can enjoy making really great pizzas.

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